Thursday, December 16, 2010

PARTY CARICATURES: "David (him) and Joe(her)"

 Hijacked After a Pilot Party
Learning to expect the unexpected is part of what I so enjoy about my work. I was packing up after drawing at a Christmas gathering for some local pilots,when, I was hijacked, so to speak, by the manager of the restaurant at the facility. He invited me over to draw some of his staff for their Christmas presents. I don't often get copies of the hundreds of party drawings, but Joe (the bartender gal) was nice enough to run a copy for me. They were so fun to draw as they were so delighted and not self-conscious at all. The best caricatures come when people show their personalities and don't hold back. I am looking for that sparkle; that unique quality that makes you who you are.  This drawing was done in 3 minutes per head. 

Thank you David, the vet, and Joe, the bartender for not holding back. It was a pleasure to draw you!

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Note:It has been a busy season for Caricature party entertainment and I have been deluged with custom orders for paintings and illustrations. I cannot unveil these yet, as many are for client's Christmas cards or paintings the clients are giving for gifts.  While this blog will be primarily a venue for my daily paintings, I will insert the occasional caricature  drawing whilst I catch up on photographing the inventory.

COMING SOON: The Career Miracle painting! 
Enjoy! Eileen 
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