Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HAWAII WEEK: Beach in Hawaii Kai, Oahu/ Original oil painting

HAWAII WEEK: Beach in Hawaii Kai, Oahu/ Original oil painting
Take a break from the cold and snow with me as I feature plein air paintings from Hawaii. Plein air painting simply refers to the act of painting outside "in the air". The term is derived from the 19th century style of painting outdoors and became the central feature of French Impressionism.

This original oil painting was painted on a private beach in Hawaii Kai which I have visited twice prior. While it was winter back home, I was on the beach painting daily (wish I was there now). I packaged each one up and mailed them home as each one dried sufficiently. Each morning, I painted on this isolated stretch of beach; in the afternoon, I would occasionally meet up with a group of Hawaiian painters and paint on location with them.  

Here's my portable, home-made set-up which worked great on the windy beach. The hanging bag weighs down the portable tripod. The car sun visor on the ground folds small and keeps pesky critters from nibbling on one's ankles. Everything folds and fits in into one bag. The tripod and panels are carried separately. It works.

Enjoy!  Thanks for sharing in my blog life. Eileen

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  1. I love this painting. I believe your Hawaii paintings are my favorite. They are all so vibrant and alive. Keep them coming.

  2. And it is really neat to see how you do it. I love seeing the picture of your whole setup. Maybe one day I can make a trip with you. :)


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