Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Number Eight Ball"

"The Number Eight Ball"/ oil on canvas 6"X8"/original oil painting
Note: The watermark does not appear on the original painting
Instead of being "Behind the Eight Ball" the red rose is in front of it. The expression "behind the eight ball" generally indicates being in trouble, or in a weak or losing position. And what kid from the 60's didn't own one of those magic eight ball toys?  Ever wondered about the 8 ball toy construction?
These guys actually dissected one of them to get to the bottom of the mysterious iconic toy and warn "don't try this at home"!:
  Enjoy,  Eileen McCoy- Kansas City Artist & Caricature Artist      SEE MORE ART BY EILEEN:      PAINTING BLOG: WWW.EILEENMCCOY.BLOGSPOT.COM

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