Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The Number Six Ball"

"The Number Six Ball"/Original Oil Painting by Eileen McCoy/6"X8"

 Note: The watermark does not appear on the original painting
 To add variety and explore more painted shapes and colors, I challenge myself with ever-changing set-ups. This one features a necklace (sent to me by my beloved friend, Irmgard, in Germany) with beautiful colors that presented several challenges. The subject trailed in and out of the light and offered some wonderful reflections in the lower box as well as on the still life base. I am training myself with a more limited palette of colors and the focus is more on value and less on color. There is a famous quote "value does all of the work, but color gets the credit" (unknown source). Too often artists get caught up in color and forget the importance of value. Artist Phil Starke who I have studied with, has always taught to worry less about color, just get the values right. It is so true!

 Enjoy,  Eileen McCoy- Kansas City Artist & Caricature Artist      SEE MORE ART BY EILEEN:     

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