Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"After The Rain"

 "After The Rain"/ oil on canvas 8"X10"/original oil painting
After several rainy days it was time to get out of the studio. (The tornado warnings accompanied the rain- after the tragedy of our neighbors to the south in Joplin,
we are much more diligent to move to safety.)
This scene was painted off of Edgar Petty Road in Liberty, MO, not far from my home. It was a perfect spring day, after so much rain.
In this piece, I was carefully monitoring the values of each color and made a concerted effort to keep the values together in each plane. Notice that the lights in the water are not lighter than the sky itself.
Also, I applied what I've been learning about broken color: varying the warms and cools within an area and also varying the size of the shapes of the strokes. Initially, I had the horizon line darker-but decided it really needed to be lighter to push it back into the distance.

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