Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"My Next Move" #99

  "My Next Move"/ 6"X8"/original oil painting

Always on the move, pool/ billiard balls make for delightful subjects (when they are sitting still.)  Breaking up the color into warm and cools within a value area, was something I understood but didn't feel I successfully applied until now. The title fit my present situation of trying to figure out a plan and direction. It is a struggle to find one's voice as an artist. 

"Much of the beauty
that arises in art
Comes from the struggle
an artist wages with
his limited medium."

Some Painting advice: keep practicing, studying, and trying new things. Figure out where your weakness is; work on it until it clicks. Then move onto the next. It can be overwhelming to attempt to improve everything all at once. 

  Enjoy, Eileen      
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  1. Something about pool balls make me want to keep looking. You really did a great job on these


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