Friday, July 8, 2011

"Watermelon, Man!"

 "Watermelon, Man!"/ oil on canvas 5"X7"/original oil painting

This original oil painting was painted upside down.  The purpose of this exercise from The Daily Paintworks Challenge was to see the subject in terms of it's shapes in order to avoid painting pre-conceived ideas about objects, etc.  It is a common practice in art training as it really helps one to tap into the more abstract part of the brain. You are not thinking "watermelon" or "bowl", but rather about the negative and positive shapes in the composition. It was actually easier than one might image and was extremely helpful.
I was going to call this something like "Watermelon Reflections", but recalled the City Light Orchestra  featuring  David Basse performing the Herbie Hancock song "Watermelon Man" back in the 1980's at the City Light Restaurant in Kansas City.

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