Friday, September 9, 2011

"Congressman Sam Graves, Pilot" #109

  "Senator Sam Graves, Pilot"/ oil painting on canvas 6"X8"/original  painting

Among the pilots at the Cameron air show this summer was our very own Congressman, Sam Graves. We had the honor of meeting the Senator on a few occasions. It was inspiring to watch him prepare his plane and take off into the air.  How wonderful it must be to be able to soar to such heights and enjoy the view.

 Enjoy your everyday!
Optimist: A man who is chased up a tree by a lion
but enjoys the scenery anyway.
Walter Winchell

    Enjoy, Eileen      
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  1. This is great Eileen. All the colors work so well together. The cropping is wonderful and he is beautifully painted. I want to go flying!


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