Monday, October 24, 2011

"The Artist's Studio Kit"

 "The Artist's Studio Kit"/ #120/Original oil painting on gessoed panel 6"X8"
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Persistence Pays:  This painting session began with an apple still life. It wasn't until I scraped off 2 finished paintings, that I realized that if I was not excited about it, no one else would be.
Fearlessly, I wiped away the first 2 hours of work; then, with yet greater abandon, wiped away the second 2 hours of work. I set up an "apple-less" still life and arrived at this final painting in the wee hours of the night.

Encouragement for young artists:   If I could give encouragement for any young inspiring artist, it would be to fearlessly abandon a painting that is not working and faithfully attempt to reach the height of your abilities (which vary from day to day). 
How to decide what to paint?: Recently, I was interviewed for a TV broadcast, and one of the interviewer's questions was, as she pondered my paintings:  "What is there left to paint?"  I had never considered the question because, in my mind, an artist has an unlimited resource of subject matter. I could only think of the unending repertoire of painting ideas in my notebooks and on my computer.
Why the matches?:  (To burn the bad paintings? Ha, No.) I keep them around to loosen lids, light candles, and sometimes to sign paintings with the blunt end of the match. 
Also, they shape of the match sticks rather mimicked the brush bristles, and the color of the box complemented the rest of the composition. 

A sixth sense:  I think that the more you paint, the more you develop an instinct and eventually don't have to over think the matters of why something isn't working. You just know. Is it working?  Do most of you artists have a sense of when to abandon a painting and move on to something else? I sure do. I may not know immediately why a painting isn't working, but, eventually time will reveal the cause.

 Enjoy, Eileen      
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  1. Great painting and thanks for sharing how you wiped it off - twice. Worth it.

  2. The colors in this piece are terrific together. We must have been working in the same wrong realm of painting. I scrubbed out about the same amount of time as you did the last couple of days. Three paintings.
    This one turned out beautifully! Love the light portrayed!

  3. Very appealing painting, beautifully rendered, and carefully painted, while it looks quite random. Terrific.


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