Monday, October 3, 2011

"Quite A Pear"

  Daily Painting #115/"QUITE A PEAR"/Original oil painting on panel 8"X10

Here you go...another play-upon-words title. I cannot resist.
It is so nice to be back in the routine of studio painting. I have drawn over 330 happy faces in the last week. Whew! So, in celebration of the studio return, I give you this pair of pears. This one is on a larger scale than the other daily paintings. I am challenging myself to experiment with different colors, compositions and subject matter. Also, it is great for a painter to alternate between working from photos and from life. This lively oil painting of pears is painted from life. This original painting features palette mixtures of green, purple and blue with just enough red to make it dangerous.

    Enjoy, Eileen      
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  1. We both painted pears today! Great minds. 330 faces in a week! My hands would fall off.


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