Friday, November 25, 2011

"Golden Aspen View, Oak Creek, Colorado" #132

  Daily Painting #132/""Golden Aspen View, Oak Creek, Colorado" #132"/Original oil painting on panel 6"X8"
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    Another in the Autumn Landscape series; this one, again, in Colorado. The more I paint landscapes, the more I come to appreciate the abstract nature of shapes. It seems no matter what you are painting, a sort of rhythm develops in your work. 

This blog began one year ago on Thanksgiving Day, 2010.
*My fellow bloggers whose beautiful work and encouraging comments inspire me daily
*To my patrons who bestow honor upon me by choosing my work.
*Most of all, to David and the children, whose pep talks and positive attitudes embolden me to press on and keep painting.

Enjoy, Eileen      
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