Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoal Stroll #151

Shoal Stroll/ Original Oil Painting/Eileen D. McCoy/Shoal Creek Living History Museum

Daily Painting #151/"Shoal Stroll"/Original oil painting on panel 8"X6"
Today's 80ยบ is quite the contrast to the freezing, drizzly Sunday just 2 days ago when I painted this oil painting at the Shoal Creek Living History Museum. I would not have made it, but for the 8 other brave painters who showed up. Surprisingly, I forgot about my cold wet feet and shivering hands and got into the moment. Another surprise:
 these 2 young gals who came strolling along in the freezing rain! 

To my loyal followers, posting will be reduced in the next week or so as I am working day and night on some rather large commissions. One is for 100 portrait-style caricature heads in color. Another involves some rather large watercolors. Thus, the daily paintings will be
here and there as time permits.   
Enjoy and thanks for following.
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  1. Lovely character in the two girls walking along! Wonderful.
    Happy painting.


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