Sunday, April 8, 2012

"The Kindle Reader" #154

"The Kindle Reader" 10"X8" Original painting by Eileen McCoy
Daily Painting #154/"The Kindle Reader"/Original oil painting on panel 10"X8"
Once again, a return to painting the figure and portraits at the bequest of family and friends. While still life paintings and landscape paintings add to one's artistic vocabulary, it is with the figure and the portrait that I am most deeply inspired. Who could resist the gesture of this fine chap reading from this small electronic book. His posture seems to indicate his intrigue with the technology. 

  Enjoy, Eileen      

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  1. Great painting, Eileen. You captured him so well and it also a picture of the times. An elderly man using up to date technology.
    I did comment on your previous post because I loved it too, but I see it didn't go through. Hope this one does.


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