Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Daily Painting #156/ THE PROM DATE/Portrait of Lincoln/ 8X6

First Step to painting the portrait

Daily Painting #156/"The Prom Date"/Original oil painting on panel 8"X6"
Ever wonder why a portrait artist paints so many apples? Because the practice makes you a better portrait painter. Painting the head, follows the same basic principles as painting a still life or landscape: you paint the shapes, the planes, the values, the direction of light. The basic head shape could be compared to painting the apples; the projections from the head's form could be compared to the slanted planes of the mountains or the upright planes of the trees or a building.  So, go paint your apples!

This painting is of our son, Lincoln.
Enjoy, Eileen      

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  1. This is a great portrait... he feels like such a big man on prom night, but I see him as such a child. You've caught that wonderful transition of teen to adult. Thanks for showing the block in, too.

  2. Thank you, Jody...and he is our graduate this year!


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