Saturday, June 2, 2012

Landmark Tree: Belvoir Winery

  Daily Painting #162/"Landmark Tree: Belvoir Winery"/Original oil painting on panel 14"X11"
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    The second painting in the Belvoir Winery Series.  
Painting, to me, is a progressive problem-solving process.  The problem may be with composition, values, color temperature, etc. Whatever the issue, I find it best to conquer one area a time before moving on to the next.  With this series, I am discovering a vast range of "Greens". I am challenging myself to mix cool and warm greens and to study their arrangement and their existence in nature. It has been a most delightful challenge. 

 Enjoy, Eileen      

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  1. What an majestic tree. Love it.

  2. you really captured the trees in all of these paintings, awesome work!


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