Saturday, April 27, 2013

LOFT- free fashion drawings of you by EILEEN MCCOY-here's a sample:

Come out to the LOFT grand opening next week in LEES SUMMIT for free fashion sketches by EILEEN MCCOY, Kansas City artist. Here's the link:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sketch Artist Eileen McCoy featured at LOFT grand opening



Loft live fashion sketches of customers at Grand Opening in Lees Summit

LOFT is having a grand opening party next week..refreshments, live music, and free sketches of you by Eileen McCoy, Kansas City artist.
See the loft flyer for details. 

  Enjoy, Eileen      

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Sunday, April 21, 2013



  TIPs on hiring an artist:
When you select an artist to create something for you, choose them based upon the quality of their work and their reputation and professionalism. Can they meet your deadline? Are they responsive to your requests. 

  Next, communicate your expectations but don't tie their hands. You chose them, because you trust them based upon their work and reputation, therefore, give them freedom to create. It will show up in the work and you'll delight in the results.

 This drawing is lively and shows a "delight" because the clients allowed for creative freedom. They communicated well beforehand, approved the drawing, requested that a simple little item be worked-in, and the results:
 Enjoy, Eileen      
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

River Market Dog Park

Original Oil Painting on Canvas by © /16" X20"
Contact to purchase

So delightful, it was,  to get out and paint after the seemingly-perpetual winter.
Before a spring storm moved in, I managed to paint this in the early evening. Though this building was back-lighted, the overcast sky softened the effect; the by-product of the glaring sky is exhibited in the reflections on the windows. I like this effect.
When painting scenes like this, one must use care not to become to redundant with the similarly shaped windows. Notice, too, the variation in the weight and angles of the trees. There was a rhythm, a life to the city this time of day I can still hear the owner of the gregarious big black dog repeating  "Max! Max! Come here Max!"  
The city is a lively place at dusk. 
     Enjoy, Eileen      

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Images Art Gallery Juried Show Award: What a nice "supplies"....

"Artist EILEEN MCCOY award-winner with Juror Jim Ryon in Images Gallery 8th annual Juried art show.
Multiple award-winning painting by Eileen McCoy, Kansas City Artist.

   What a nice "supplies" :)
Tonight at the Images Art Gallery 8th annual juried show, they awarded me a prize for art supplies.
I get to go supply shopping! Yay!
 Enjoy, Eileen      

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"Dang, My Truck Broke Down"

Public quick sketching is my favorite way to relax. Give me a pencil and paper and sit me in a crowded room any day. Your pencil just moves across the page; your mind lost in the din of the conversation flowing through the room like smoke rings.  All eyes are focused on the ball games displayed on the three flat screen tv's- oblivious to the fact that they are being scrutinized like a bowl of fruit in a Cezanne still life.

The fellow in the foreground of this pencil sketch landed in this cigar haunt because his big rig broke down.  The best short stories are born in places like this. 
 Sketching live- a chance to unwind after oh-so-many deadlines. 

  Enjoy, Eileen      
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

College caricatures-Relay for Life

Received a rousing round of applause while entertaining at an event for colleges in KANSAS CITY. What a great group of kids donating their time to raise money for cancer research.