Saturday, April 20, 2013

River Market Dog Park

Original Oil Painting on Canvas by © /16" X20"
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So delightful, it was,  to get out and paint after the seemingly-perpetual winter.
Before a spring storm moved in, I managed to paint this in the early evening. Though this building was back-lighted, the overcast sky softened the effect; the by-product of the glaring sky is exhibited in the reflections on the windows. I like this effect.
When painting scenes like this, one must use care not to become to redundant with the similarly shaped windows. Notice, too, the variation in the weight and angles of the trees. There was a rhythm, a life to the city this time of day I can still hear the owner of the gregarious big black dog repeating  "Max! Max! Come here Max!"  
The city is a lively place at dusk. 
     Enjoy, Eileen      

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