Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Rock chalk" art walk Caricatures at KU

Art, music, food and fun ...
Mimes, hola-hoops and, oh, yeah, caricatures!  I had the pleasure of drawing faces from all over the world today. Check it out:
Using my "hyper-observant" super-power, I guessed that this young man played the guitar.
These roommates insisted on making "v's" by their eyes. Okay?!
Known as "Austin's parents", this couple enjoyed photographing the day..and the artist. Send pictures!

Well, I promised this trio I'd post this.
I guessed their majors (in general).

"The Mime was giving out flowers;
The girls wore them in their hair"
( I give you poetry along with art.)

And from the other side of the world ...
Jesse and Arnold just laughed and laughed....

..and laughed . 

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