Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grade School carnival caricatures

More 3 minute party caricatures. It was lively fun at this Liberty elementary school carnival. 

IT's great to have a friend...(make a copy, boys)!

Young Brody convinced me that he could hold this fierce pose for 3 minutes. He was right!

My markers are gone!
For you artists out there...imagine someone taking your favorite tool off the market! Well, it happened. 
A new selection of markers are still bring "auctioned". Some of the points fray, others bleed through pages...none, thus far, have filled the role.

But, alas, instead of viewing this as disadvantageous, I put the flaws to work. 
The dried ones can shade, the frayed ones add texture, etc... 
It forces one to keep the drawings fresh and  alive ; to use a keen eye to interpret the subject in a new way. 


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